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The Triangle Education Foundation provides the funding for leadership development, educational programs, scholarships, and financial aid that help prepare brothers to lead and serve their communities.


The Triangle Education Foundation helps make everything possible.  

The Triangle Education Foundation exists to:

  • Ensure current and future generations of brothers have access to Triangle programs that teach leadership and service

  • Connect generations of alumni with benefits that promote "brotherhood for a lifetime"

  • Support new programs on campus



The Foundation provides support for the educational activities of Triangle in two primary areas, leadership development, and financial aid. Each year the Foundation awards over $300,000 in support each year. The Foundation is confident this comprehensive support of our chapters and members will lead to well-rounded leaders and community-minded citizens in the fields of engineering, architecture, and science. 

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The Triangle Education Foundation, through the generosity of Alumni brothers and others, is able to make a limited number of loans each year to deserving Active members of Triangle Fraternity to help them complete their education. Currently, $12,000 is available per year; the year begins on July 1. 

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Nine needs-based scholarships and one graduate fellowship are currently available.  Most scholarships are available only to Triangles who will be undergraduates in the school year following their application.



In response to increased interest from chapters and alumni organizations in making major fundraising pushes for chapter housing and other funding needs, the Triangle Education Foundation now offers chapters and alumni organizations comprehensive support for their fundraising efforts. The Foundation offers campaign services for major fundraising initiatives, including campaigns for major chapter house renovations or building a new facility.

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Triangle is a brotherhood for a lifetime that spans the globe and connects thousands of men with our Mission, Code of Ethics, Values, and Ritual.

For many alumni, our undergraduate days were among the best of our lives. We made lifelong friends who have shared in our triumphs and were supportive in our times of need. We learned life lessons that have allowed us to be leaders in our communities, in business, and in the family. Our alma maters may have given us knowledge, but Triangle taught us how to live with great energy, strong ethics, and passion. We must nurture the lifetime Fraternity experience of our brothers today so that we may foster the potential for success within our brothers tomorrow.

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