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Triangle’s Council of Emerging Leaders (CEL) is for alumni who graduated within the past 20 years. The CEL’s purpose is to engage recent alumni, provide opportunities that foster social interaction, and facilitate feedback/advice/counsel to Triangle’s leadership.


The CEL will consist of up to sixty members who participate in activities that:

  • Expand social opportunities for all members of Triangle.

  • Help continued engagement and establish a shared sense of community with alumni.

  • Foster ongoing dialogue between Triangle’s leadership and recent grads.

  • Facilitate awareness of developments in Triangle and the need for alumni support.

  • Develop candidates for leadership roles in Triangle at local, regional and national levels.

  • Support Triangle’s efforts to expand fundraising that benefit undergraduate members.

Members of the CEL will be asked to:

  • Participate in an annual meeting held at Triangle Convention (in off years the membership selects the site).


  • Provide input, advice and counsel to leadership on Triangle’s future.

  • Make a minimum annual gift of $600 ($50/month) allocated for the Triangle Annual Fund for alumni out of school 5 years or less, or a minimum annual gift of $1000 ($84/month) with at least 50% allocated to the Triangle Annual Fund for alumni out of school 6 years or more.

  • Assist in engaging alumni in their area and/or from their chapter.

  • Support initiatives to update alumni and actives on the progress of the Fraternity.

Members of the CEL will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with successful alumni at private events.

  • Provide input and suggestions regarding Triangle initiatives.

  • Gain insight into the operations of Triangle and help shape the organization’s future.

  • Expand their social and professional networks.

  • Be recognized for providing support for Triangle’s success.




“Being a member of Triangle’s Council of Emerging Leaders has helped me maintain an active role in the fraternity after graduation while also allowing me some unique networking opportunities that I would not have gotten otherwise.”

Lucas Wallace kan11, Council of Emerging Leaders member


Those joining the Council of Emerging Leaders will have the unique opportunity to set the tone, structure and direction of this alumni group. For more information contact Alex Williams

at or 317-837-9641.

Jason Lodygowski minn07

Brian K. Jarman pur01

Guillaume Dominique Roussn rose06

Nathan D. Nash csu13

Michael C. Frederick ps04

Kent T. Hoffman ar7

Sean Powers msu15

Daniel Robaszkiewicz tol09

Nicolaas George ks12

Andrew J. Severance wis05

Tyler J. Moore tol09

Kyle R. Robertson is01

Stuart J. Masuda uci07

Lucas Austin Wallace kan11

Marcos D. Stocco ok93

Ryan M. Sunyak tol10

Mark H. Lu cal09

Jonathan Edward Eklund msoe99

James A. Hopson minn21

John C. Cottage ps04

Stephen NA Wu os16

Joseph A. Kay IV os13

James A. Coller mich13

Jeffrey Tod Weikinger tol97

Ryan Andrew Burt lou15

Jonathan C. Kuderer msoe12

Joseph M. Cerrato os05

Michael D. Mayer tol09

Matthew S. Barto ps05

Fareed John Dibazar ucsd12

Peter Reza hou10

Jason Knapp tol09

Evan C. Mackes csu14

Neel Kumar minn14

Alexander J. Ott mtu11

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