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Thank you for your interest in supporting us in Building Better Men for a Better World.

Just as higher education is changing, so to is the fraternity experience. The Triangle Education Foundation works to ensure that brothers - current and future generations - have access to programs and services that enrich their time on campus. Along with providing scholarships, financial aid, and funding for leadership and professional development programs that help to produce the most well-rounded engineers, architects, and scientists.

The Foundation is much more than a fundraising vehicle. It has real programs, developed and administered by real people, which provide real benefits to Triangle Fraternity and its members in building the Triangle Experience.

The Foundation clearly understands and believes that its sole mission is to support Triangle and its members, and it is committed to that mission. When you, as a Triangle alumnus, receive your letter seeking support for the Foundation and its programs, please respond. It's important to the future of Triangle, and given Triangle's technical focus, we believe it's also important to maintain the competitiveness of our country.

Below are a few simple and convenient ways YOU can support the Foundation and its educational programs.


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