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The Triangle Education Foundation is a vital part of our fraternity that exists to enhance the Triangle experience for both actives and alumni. The Foundation is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, which is recognized as a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service. Since contributions to the Foundation are deductible for federal income tax purposes (and most states as well), the Foundation provides a vehicle that permits alumni to support Triangle's educational programs.


The Triangle Education Foundation's vision is to have Triangle members excel as leaders with character and integrity within their professions and communities.

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Triangle Education Foundation's Staff comes from all walks of life and has held numerous positions prior to working for Triangle. With the variety of experience our staff holds, we are able to challenge each other to improve and strive for high-quality work. We work in a team-centric environment and encourage communication across departments so that our members have the best experience possible. 

To reach the Triangle Education Foundation by phone, call 317-837-9641. Direct lines of each staff member can be found next to their photo.

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