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As detailed below, individual scholarships have varying eligibility requirements as established by their donors; however, the following guidelines apply to all five scholarships. Applicants shall:

1. Be active members of Triangle Fraternity enrolled in a course of study leading to a degree and shall be initiated undergraduates in the school year following their application.

2. Have completed at least two full academic years of school as of the time of award, which is generally the summer after application.

3. Have maintained, as of time of application, at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA (except those notated below).

4. Demonstrate financial need and be able to demonstrate that within the restrictions of his present course of study he is now making a personal effort to earn part of the cost of his education.

5. Demonstrate appropriate social skills, by active involvement with his chapter, on his campus and in the community.


The Triangle Education Foundation (TEF), through the generosity of alumni brothers and others, is able to award scholarships to deserving active members of Triangle Fraternity who excel in the areas of academics, Chapter leadership and campus/community involvement. Over 20 scholarships are awarded annually to Triangles who will be undergraduates in the year following the award.

The deadline for the 2023-2024 application year ends on March 1st. 

All general correspondence can be directed to:

Chairman, Scholarship & Loan Committee
Triangle Education Foundation
120 South Center Street
Plainfield, IN 46168

Triangle Education Foundation Emergency No-Interest Student Loans

The Triangle Education Foundation, through the generosity of Alumni brothers and others, is able to make a limited number of loans each year to deserving Active members of Triangle Fraternity to help them complete their education. Currently, $12,000 is available per year. The year begins on July 1; applications which cannot be funded in one year will be considered in the next.


Applicants must submit the attached application forms, completed in detail; a current transcript from their college or university; and two letters of recommendation, which are described later. Applications are mailed to the Chairman of the TEF Loan Committee, for review and approval or disapproval. Upon approval, the borrower will be notified by letter, which will also forward for execution a promissory note payable to the Triangle Education Foundation. Upon return of the executed note to the Foundation, a check will be issued.

An applicant may borrow a maximum of $3,000. No interest is charged, but borrowers are invited to make a contribution of any amount they may choose with or following their last payment to help perpetuate and enlarge the Foundation loan program.

Repayment is made in up to 12 monthly installments. Payments on all loans shall commence on the first day of the third month following graduation or leaving school. There is a penalty for late payments.

ELIGIBILITY - Loan applicants shall:

a.) be Active members of Triangle Fraternity enrolled in a course of study leading to a degree;

b.) have completed at least two full academic years of school;

c.) be within two academic years of graduation;

d.) have maintained, as of time of application, the minimum scholastic average required for graduation in their chosen majors.

e.) demonstrate that the requested assistance is necessary for continued attendance at the college or university, and;

f.) demonstrate that within the restrictions of his present course of study he is now making a personal effort to earn part of the cost of his education;

Foundation funds available to Triangle members are the result of the donations of many groups and individuals, and represent their willingness to help fellow Triangles. Only prompt repayment of loans will enable the Foundation to continue and expand assistance of this kind. A borrower should understand that unless he repays his loan on schedule, he will deprive some deserving Triangle brother of the same financial assistance he has been granted.

He should further understand that the loan is a legal obligation, and failure to completely repay his loan and all applicable penalties will sadly cause the Foundation to use all legal measures to collect. The Foundation may also arrange for the expulsion of the defaulting borrower from membership in Triangle. That will not, however, constitute satisfaction of the debt.

If, through some unavoidable circumstance, repayment according to the terms of the note is impossible, extension will be considered upon request to the Foundation made by the borrower in writing.

Triangle Education Foundation
Larson Graduate Scholarship

In memory of her late husband Edward cin 24, Isabell Larson established a fund with the Triangle Fraternity Education Foundation to provide grants to Triangles for engineering graduate study. Brother Ed, National President in 1947-49, was a moving force in the establishment and operation of the Building Loan Fund. In addition to his service to Triangle Fraternity, he served as President of the Society of Professional Engineers and as Executive Director of the Society at its National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. He and Isabell felt strongly that it was critical for the United States to enhance graduate study in engineering in order for the U.S. to maintain its leadership position in the developing technologies.


1. Be a member of Triangle Fraternity in good standing,
2. Have a minimum 3.3 cumulative undergraduate grade point average (4.0 scale),
3. Have, or will have, graduated from an accredited undergraduate engineering program,
4. Be pursuing a Master’s, Ph.D., or Doctorate of Engineering degree,
5. Submit evidence of acceptance into an engineering graduate program,
6. Have two letters of recommendation submitted along with the application,
7. Submit proof of enrollment after commencing graduate study.

Selection Criteria

1. Undergraduate academic performance,
2. Participation in Triangle Fraternity activities and leadership positions,
3. Involvement in campus activities,
4. Letters of recommendation,
5. Potential for success.


Contact the specific chapter for application information for all chapter-restricted scholarships. 

Ean H.C. Hong Memorial Scholarship

Provides four $4,000 scholarships to undergraduate members of the Penn State Chapter.

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