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Director of Alumni Engagement & Stewardship, Alex Williams Departs Staff

September 18, 2023

For Immediate Release













The Triangle Education Foundation regrets to announce the departure of Alex Williams, our Director of Alumni Engagement & Stewardship. After 17 months of dedicated service and countless contributions to our alumni community, Alex has decided to step down from her position, effective September 29, 2023.

During Alex’s tenure, our alumni engagement program has experienced unprecedented growth and success. Her passion for fostering meaningful connections among alumni, as well as her innovative approach to alumni events and outreach, has significantly enhanced our organization's alumni network.

"Alex has been an instrumental force in strengthening our alumni community and building lasting relationships," said Scott Bova, Triangle Education Foundation President. "Her commitment to Triangle's mission and vision has left an indelible mark, and we are grateful for the tireless effort and enthusiasm she brought to our team."

Under Alex’s leadership, Triangle has achieved numerous milestones in alumni engagement, including the growth and enhancement of our alumni communication program, and the coordination and support of several chapter’s alumni events. Her dedication to ensuring alumni remain connected and engaged with Triangle Fraternity will continue to be a source of inspiration for our community.

Alex expressed her gratitude and well-wishes for Triangle’s continued success. She said, "It has been an incredible journey working with Triangle's passionate and dedicated alumni community. I am confident that Triangle’s efforts around alumni engagement will continue to thrive and make a positive impact. I look forward to watching Triangle’s continued growth and success from afar."

Triangle will soon begin the search for a new Director of Alumni Engagement & Stewardship. Should you be interested or have questions about the position, please contact Sr. Director of Development and Marketing, Ariel Tarosky at In the interim, Ariel will oversee all alumni engagement and stewardship initiatives.

Triangle Fraternity extends its deepest appreciation to Alex for her exceptional contributions and wishes her success and fulfillment in her future endeavors.

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