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From advising a chapter to organizing an event or facilitating a program, being a Triangle volunteer allows individuals to give back to an organization they believe in while gaining valuable personal and professional skills and experience. If you have questions about how you can get involved, you can contact Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Stewardship, Alex Williams at

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Each chapter and colony needs a team of advisors in place to assist, support and mentor the undergraduate officers and general members on an ongoing basis. Most of these advisors are alumni members of the Fraternity, but a substantial number are non-members who may work at the college/university where the colony/chapter is located. 


Find out if you are near a colony or chapter.


Local house corporations serve as the landlord for their local chapters. All property – from the house, to the computer equipment, to the furniture – is owned and maintained by the house corporation. Most income is from the collegiate chapter in the form of house corporation fees, chapter obligation and, when applicable, resident rent and payroll reimbursement. The house corporation board uses this money to cover the costs associated with maintaining the chapter house.


The house corporation board consists of elected alumni members and ex-officio collegiate officers. Each house corporation is a separate legal entity that is incorporated locally in accordance with state or provincial laws. The house corporation is made up of collegiate and alumni members who have paid house corporation fees.

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Alumni clubs are area-based associations comprised of Triangles from various chapters who currently live in the same geographic area. Alumni clubs primarily exist to provide social and networking opportunities for members but also work to enhance the standing of the Fraternity in that particular area. Activities often include monthly “happy hour” events, annual golf tournaments, Founders Day dinners, ball games and cultural events.


The Recruitment 2.0 program is a new initiative from the Fraternity and a critical foundation for the program are the Triangle Recruitment Coaches (TRCs). We are seeking savvy Triangle alumni to serve in these volunteer roles to support our chapter leaders.  TRC’s provide regularly recruitment guidance to 2-3 chapters by educating them on the recruitment system, supporting a year-round recruitment philosophy, and developing and implementing technology to help drive chapter recruitment performance through measurable key performance indicators. Contact Director of Growth Henry Calleo for more info at

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Triangle has many national volunteer positions for alumni. These include serving as a member of the Fraternity’s National Council, or as a Triangle Educational Foundation’s or Triangle Building & Housing Corporation’s Board of Directors.


Triangle’s many great educational programs, which are designed to develop individual skills and promote organizational growth, would not be possible without the dedication of our many alumni, inter-fraternal friends and campus-based partners who volunteer as program facilitators. To see how you can get involved as a program facilitator, contact Director of Leadership Programs, Morgan Brickley at

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