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Vice President, Aaron Girson Departs Staff

January 3, 2023

For Immediate Release













It is with bittersweet feelings that the Triangle Education Foundation shares the departure of Vice President, Aaron Girson after 10 years of service to Triangle.

Aaron's extensive background and senior-level experience in fundraising and non-profit management enabled the Triangle Education Foundation to raise millions of dollars for Triangle. "Aaron will be sorely missed, as he has been a great partner to Triangle for over 10 years. Aaron has been instrumental in advancing the Triangle experience, its programs, and its support by raising millions of dollars through a capital campaign and multiple housing campaigns. We will miss Aaron tremendously and wish him nothing but success in his new role," says Foundation President & CEO, Scott Bova.

"My ten years on the Triangle staff have been personally and professionally rewarding, Triangle is a great organization that makes a difference in the lives of its members and the communities they are a part of. Triangle has generous alumni, loyal alumni volunteers, and a talented professional staff team which I have been fortunate to be a part of," says Girson.

 Aaron's passion and commitment to Triangle will be sincerely missed and we would like to express our appreciation for Aaron and his contribution to Triangle. We wish him every success in his future.

More information regarding the Vice President's vacancy will be shared shortly. Any questions can be directed to Triangle Education Foundation President & CEO, Scott Bova at or 317-837-9641.

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