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What is Days of Giving? Triangle's Days of Giving (DOG) is the Triangle Education Foundation's annual fundraising event. This year, DOG will span 1,907 minutes, kicking off on March 14th and ending on March 16th, 2024.

What does my gift support? DOG gifts support the Triangle Education Foundation's Annual Fund - our area of greatest need. The Triangle Education Foundation's Annual Fund supports scholarship, educational programming like Leadership & Training Weekend, and the Herb Scobie Leadership School, our learning management system, mental health programming, and professional development. 

Can I support my chapter? Your gift during Days of Giving supports all Triangle's - creating scholarships, programming, and professional development to build a stronger Triangle. Options are available to make a restricted gift to a chapter's endowment fund or scholarship; however, we are encouraging gifts to be designated to the Triangle Education Foundation's Annual Fund.


Can I support Fraternity operations? The option is available to designate a non-tax-deductible donation to the Fraternity through its Voluntary National Alumni dues program. This gift helps support Fraternity operations, staff support, and the publication of Triangle's national magazine, The Review.


Is there a minimum donation amount? Gifts of $25 or more will count towards our overall DOG totals and fundraising efforts. Donors are encouraged to make a gift that is meaningful to you: the year you joined Triangle, how many years you have bee a Triangle, and so much more!


Will my gift count towards my annual giving recognition? Yes. Your gift during DOG will apply to both your annual giving and lifetime giving totals. A gift of $250 or more places you in Triangle's prestigious Founders' Club. To learn more about donor recognition, please click here.

Does my recurring gift count towards DOG? While our Days of Giving platform does not accept recurring gifts, that doesn't mean you aren't able to set one up! If you are interested in establishing a recurring gift during our Days of Giving, please visit <coming soon!>. Recurring gifts made during Days of Giving via this site will be counted towards your personal and the over DOG totals.

My employer offers a matching gift program. Are gifts during DOG eligible? Absolutely! You will receive an email confirmation of your gift that can be used for tax and gift matching purposes. To check if your company offers a matching gift, please visit our matching gift website.

Is my gift tax deductible? All gifts made to the Triangle Education Foundation (a 501 (c)(3) non-profit) are tax deductible. 

Will I receive a tax receipt? Yes! After your gift processes, you will receive a Thank You email that will contain your tax receipt for your records. If you need additional tax information, please contact the Triangle Education Foundation at 317-837-9641.

Questions that are not answered here? Please email Ariel Tarosky at for assistance!

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