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The Triangle Education Foundation Board of Directors announced at the 2005 Triangle Convention the creation of a new donor society focused on long-term dedication to the Foundation through charitable gifts.

The Chairman’s Circle is a society created to honor the Foundation’s substantial lifetime donors. It is the highest level of recognition from the Foundation. Members of this society have given significant gifts through the years or have pledged a deferred gift to the Foundation.

The Society currently has six levels of recognition. Each level recognizes total gifts to the Foundation, a deferred gift such as a bequest or other planned giving arrangement, or a combination of the two.

The Board of Directors is very thankful for all those that continue to be so generous to the Foundation. These individuals' long-term commitment to Triangle allows for a strong Foundation and insures stability for the future. Current members of the Chairman’s Circle, are listed below.


If you would like to join this prestigious group, please contact the Foundation’s President, Scott Bova, at 317-837-9641 or at

Order of the Pinnacle - $1,000,000+ or $2,000,000 Deferred


Mr. & Mrs. Larry Garatoni pur58

Order of the Pyramid - $500,000 or $1,000,000 Deferred

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon K. Mortin mich63

Mr. John Kikler marq38 *

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tolliver ill70

Mr. Rick Landuyt #

Order of Old Rose & Grey - $250,000 or $750,000 Deferred

Mr. Richard Soukup is65

Mr. Ed McCracken is64

Robert & Barbara Kleist kan49

William Kahlert minn46 *

Homi Kapadia msu55 *

Mr. & Mrs. James McShane marq65

Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Miller ill64

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick R. Meyer pur46 *

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hong #

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wedbush cin50 *

Order of the White Chrysanthemum - $100,000+ or $300,000 Deferred

Mr. Steve Newlin sdm73

Mr. Chris Rorvick ill96

Mr. Keith Gustafson is66

Mr. & Mrs. William Engelbrecht ill77

Mr. Lynn Davis is65

Mr. Jim Ashbrook ill63

Mr. & Mrs Lewis McDonald pur40*

Mr. & Mrs. Alan G. Silver ucla61

Eugene Cummings nu59*

Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Bye PE cor72

James R. Favor *#

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Davidson pur61

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Benziger ill61

Dr. & Mrs. William Deninger is88

Jacob Ganter cin36*

Robert Glauz mich47

Dr. Chuck Bowman & Lynn Holleran ps56 *

Melissa & John Gargani pitt82

Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Connor marq74

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Reed pur52 *

Mr. & Mrs. Al Ver ar65

Adm. & Mrs. Melvin Chiogioji pur58

Mr. & Mrs. John Wakerly marq69

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Kerns mom71

Order of the Slide Rule - $50,000+ or $150,000 Deferred

Mr. Greg Lang mom74

Mr. Gifford Albright ps52*

Mr. Willian Rendahl ucla61

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Schier ky66

Mr. & Mrs. Warren Deatrick ky54

Mr. Robert Hoel ar67

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Beaubien mich64

Mr. Ronald Moore is66

Dr. Vincent Hoellerich, MD is75

Mr. Daniel Diesburg is64

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Walker neb67

Mr. & Mrs. John Pritchard is82

Mr. Donald Knebel pur65

Mr. Ronald Kollmansberger marq57

Mr. Lee Templin nu52 *

Mr. George Kunkel ucla60

Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Hatfield msu88

Mr. Kurt Over pitt83

Dr. James H. Rust pur56

Mr. James C. Anderson pur69

Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Butcher pur49 *

Mr. & Mrs. John Malmquist wis72

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sudheimer           minn52 *

Mr. Charles L. Crowl   cin50 *

Dr. & Mrs. Monte Dirks          sdm71

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wallace marq68

Dr. Wayne Echleberger          sdm54 *

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Drew          rose67

Mr. Joseph Hoefner    ucla64

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hostetler pur62

Mr. Michael Foglesong  ucla73

Mr. William Schmitt pur61

Mr. Joseph Salvucci pitt76

Mr. & Mrs. John Storm           pur73 *

Mr. Cary Laxer rose88

Mr. & Dr. Marcos Stocco ok93

Mr. John & Anne Clifton os29 *

Mr. A. Harold Long kan27 *

Mr. Charles Lampman pur58


Order of the Transit - $25,000+ or $75,000 Deferred

Mr. Ted Newton is67

Mr. Mark Lu cal09

Mr. Mark Pavlat ill79

Mr. Keith Lewitzke ill76

Mr. Don Harris ill78

Mr. Richard Shell wisc65

Mr. Kurt Hagemeister mich78

Mr. Geoffrey Mendal mich80

Mr. Michael Galey is66

Mr. John Greene is73

Mr. Chris Moe is92

Mr. Aaron Girson #

Mr. Scott Bova #

Mr. Joel Allen is75

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bleasdale mich79

Mr. Robert Balsbaugh is74

Mr. John Gould           is66

Mr. Francis (Mike) Goeser is73

Mr. Daniel Rathmann cor53

Mr. Elvin (Ray) Lichty os55

Mr. Robert Goehring is76

Mr. Ted Bowlds           ms72

Mr. & Mrs. George Hays cor57

Mr. Craig Henderson nu49

Mr. Randall Herrel pur70

Mr. Ralph Smith wisc23 *

Mr. James Kaboski wisc87

Mr. Mark Tolliver il70

Mr. Jake Jakubowski tol74

Mr. & Mrs. John Sonnenburg pur73*

Mr. Jeffrey Basso msoe89

Mr. Stan Cook nu48

Mr. Franklin (Dee) Duncan ks64

Mr. Jon Eklund msoe99

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Frame mich57

Mr. Fred Johnson pur46*

Mr. Jack Kelble pur63

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Robins marq50

Mr. Gerald Rauenhorst marq50

Mr. Michael Morhaime ucla85

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Beehler pur87 

Mrs. Lori McClelland #

Dr. David Meyer pur59

M. Stephen Loftus-Mercer ok96

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mosborg ill45 *

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Noon pur68

Mr. Brandon Bagwell ok04

Mr. Dennis & Maureen Henderson #

Mr. Eugene Rezabeck ar47

Mr. David Breeding     pur43

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Flannigan rose67*

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lewallen tol89

Mr. & Mrs. Bill McGovern marq55

Mr. Dick Stauble ps43*

Mr. Lloyd Bredvold     minn35*

Mr. John Lonnberg      kan27*

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sevick os29 *

Mr. John Clifton os29*

*denotes those members who have entered Chapter Eternal

#denotes Friends of Triangle

Last Updated 12/14/22

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