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Just as the mighty oak tree needs nourishment to maintain its strength and keep growing, the Fraternity needs the same “plant food”. Through the generosity of many, the Fraternity is the strongest it has ever been! New branches are being formed on campuses such as Georgia Tech and Carnegie Mellon, new leaves being sprouted with each initiation class, and roots growing stronger with our growing ranks of alumni make Triangle Fraternity a very strong oak tree.

As retirement and estate planning have become so prevalent in today’s society as a way to pass on a greater percent of one’s estate to their family, as well as, provide “plant food” for the charities they care the most about. Thankfully for Triangle, many alumni have made it a priority to provide for the Fraternity in their plans.

In response, the Foundation has established the Living Oak Society to recognize those alumni that have made Triangle a part of their retirement and estate plans. We know many alumni have done so without even being asked and without identifying themselves, but we want to make sure you are properly recognized for your support, as well as, share with others your deep convictions in Triangle.

If you already have made a planned gift to Triangle or if you wish to find out more on how you and your family can receive tax benefits from such a gift, please contact the Foundation’s Senior Director of Development, Amy Buchheit at (317) 203-7759 to ensure your gift will be used the way you intend it to.

Who are the current members of the Living Oak Society?

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