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“To have a better world, we must first have a world of better men.” –Herb Scobie minn35

The Triangle Man

As an organization that supports the fields of engineering, architecture and science, Triangle men are serving the global society in amazing ways.Our alumni sit at the heart of efforts to solve some of the world’s biggest problems from energy and healthcare needs to building our cities, towns, and villages.

We realize that excellent leadership, ethical behavior, and people skills are critical for a Triangle.Structuring a young man’s personal and professional development takes effort, planning, thought, and guidance.Triangle picks up where the classroom leaves off by offering its members tremendous leadership development programs not available to the average undergraduate.

Triangle is far more than a Fraternity – it is a unique experience that brings together young men from all over the country and develops competent, ethical leaders who give back to their communities and change the world one brother at a time.

Parent Club

Parents are valuable partners in this dynamic experience. Although geographically scattered, Triangle parents share a central value:they want each student to have the best Triangle experience possible.

By joining the Triangle Parent Club you are directly supporting young members like your son.Whether it is attending a program like the Herbert Scobie Leadership School, receiving a Foundation scholarship, or getting guidance from the Educational Leadership Consultant that visits each chapter, every undergraduate member is impacted by the services provided by the Foundation.

What better way to start the school year than to make an investment in the positive development of the students of Triangle?

Join the Parent Club today!

For gifts if $50 or more, Triangle will send your son a special St. Patrick’s Day gift to celebrate the day with other Triangles. St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Engineers and Triangle chapters have fun with it. This year's gift is a Triangle insulated beanie:

Start the school year with an investment in the positive development of the students of Triangle!

Join the Parent Club today by filling out this DONATION FORM or calling Foundation offices at:
Triangle Education Foundation
120 S. Center St
Plainfield, IN 46168
(317) 837-9641

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