Living Oak Society

The Living Oak Society is our way recognizing brothers who have made the ultimate gift to the Triangle Education Foundation.

Without their stalwart support, the Triangle Education Foundation would not have a secure financial future, ensuring that our brotherhood will continue to strengthen and grow with each passing year.

Listed below are those who have let us know of their commitment to ensure that our members will continue to represent the fields of engineering, architecture and science with character and integrity. If your name is missing from this list, please contact Amy Buchheit, Senior Director of Development at (317) 203-7759, so we may properly recognize and thank you for your gift.

Living Members:
James and Jean Ashbrook ill63
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Benziger ill61
Mr. Williard B. Buck minn47
John Cottage ps04
James J. & Elizabeth Craig minn69
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Drew rose67
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Eiler minn87
Mr. James R. Favor
H. Andy Goss lou00
Mr. Thomas A. Grate pur84
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guthrie ar43
Robert Halgren mich05
Mr. Donald S. Hatfield msu88
Joseph Hoefner ucla64
Mr. Robert Hoel ar67
Robert & Ellen Hostetler pur62
Mr. Brian Jarman pur01
Dr. Richard & Lois Kenyon ill51
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Kull marq50
Mrs. Mary Maurer
William & Mary McGovern marq55
Mr. Carl Meglan os56
Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick R. Meyer pur46
Mr. James I. Morgan marq46
Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. O’Connor marq74
Dale & Donna Reed pur52
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Rosenberg ar55
G. Blake Ross ky76
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Robertson marq92
Mr & Mrs. Alan Silver ucla61
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stauble ps43
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sudheimer minn52
Felix Veliath marq52

Anonymous Commitments: 5

updated as of 10/15/20

Deceased Members:
Robert R. Bengel
Lloyd M. Bredvold
John R. Clifton
Mrs. Ness Cooper
Wilfred D. Darling
Mrs. Margaret Dennis
Dr. Wayne F. Echelberger, Jr. sdm54
C. Fred Feindt
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob G. Gantner cin36
Homi Kapadia msu55
Mrs. Millicent Kepke
John Kilker marq38
Harold & Maxine Kolb pur37
Frank A. Larson
Harold H. Layritz cin21
Richard H. Long
A. Harold Long
John Lonnberg
Gordon E. McCallum
Mrs. Bernice Porsch
Lawrence T. Sogard

Updated as of 10/15/20

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