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In 1907 a group of young men gave of themselves to form an organization that would impact young men for many years to come. They had a vision of the future and did what it took to make it happen. They believed in a brotherhood of men, committed to scholarly activity, developing strong bonds of brotherhood, with a strong sense of civic involvement and the broadening of one's leadership skills.

These men made an investment in Triangle. In recognition of their sacrifice for the good of the order, the Education Foundation created the Founders' Club.

The Founders' Club is one of the building blocks of the Triangle Education Foundation. Club members contribute gifts to the Triangle Fund of $10,000 (Diamond), $5,000 (Titanium), $2,500 (Platinum), $1,907 (1907 Society), $1,000 (Gold), $500 (Silver) or $250 (Bronze) over the course of the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). These individuals provide the financial foundation for a wide array of educational programs for the members of Triangle. All alumni are invited and encourage to join this prestigious society. If you would like to become a member of this group contact Scott Bova at 317-705-9803 or email him at

Click HERE for more information and current members of the Founders' Club

In the fall of 2000 the Foundation launched the President’s Men, a new program specifically geared towards undergraduate Triangle brothers. The President’s Men is a special invitation from the Foundation President for undergraduates to give a vote of confidence in the work of the Foundation.

The President’s Men is a special recognition society for undergraduate members. For a $25 donation an undergraduate becomes a member of this elite society. With their gift they reaffirm their commitment to leadership and scholarship by their support of the many programs of the Foundation.

The Foundation sponsored programs such as the Educational Leadership Consultants, the Herbert F. Scobie Leadership School, the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, Leadership Advantage or the annual President’s Academy impact every Triangle chapter. These programs have proven results in improved chapter size, GPA, and leadership abilities.

The President’s Men program recognizes donors in the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Click HERE to find out more information about the President’s Men, including how to join, and see a current listing of members.

The oak tree is a meaningful part of our coat of arms, but what does it have to do with retirement and estate planning? The tree in many ways represents our Fraternity – strong, full of life, with roots deeply planted. As the years pass it gathers nourishment from the fallen leaves, grows new limbs, sprouts fresh leaves and becomes even stronger.

Just as the mighty oak tree needs nourishment to maintain its strength and keep growing, the Fraternity needs the same “plant food”. Through the generosity of many the Fraternity is the strongest it has ever been. New branches being formed on campuses across the country, new leaves being sprouted with each initiation class, and roots growing stronger with our growing ranks of alumni make Triangle Fraternity a very strong oak tree.

As retirement and estate planning have become so prevalent in today’s society as a way to pass on a greater percent of one’s estate to their family, as well as, provide “plant food” for the charities they care the most about. Thankfully for Triangle, many alumni have made it a priority to provide for the Fraternity in their plans.

In response, the Foundation has established the Living Oak Society to recognize those alumni that have made Triangle a part of their retirement and estate plans. We know many alumni have done so without even being asked and without identifying themselves, but we want to make sure you are properly recognized for your support, as well as, share with others your deep convictions in Triangle.

Click HERE for a listing of current members of the Living Oak Society

Have you included Triangle in your estate and retirement plans? Click HERE for more information or contact Aaron Girson at 317-837-9641 or at

The Triangle Education Foundation Board of Directors announced at the 2005 Triangle Convention the creation of a new donor society focused on long term dedication to the Foundation through charitable gifts.

The Chairman’s Circle is a society created to honor the Foundation’s substantial lifetime donors.It is the highest level of recognition from the Foundation.Members of this society have given significant gifts through the years or have pledged a deferred gift to the Foundation.

The Society currently has six levels of recognition.Each level recognizes total gifts to the Foundation, a deferred gift such as a bequest or other planned giving arrangement or a combination of the two.

The Board of Directors is very thankful for all those that continue to be so generous to the Foundation.These individuals long term commitment to Triangle allows for a strong Foundation and insures stability for the future.To find out current members of the Chairman’s Circle, please click HERE. If you would like to join this prestigious group, please contact the Foundation’s Vice President, Aaron Girson, at 317-203-4510 or at

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