Rosenberg UIFI Scholarships

Each year the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) sponsors a five-day leadership institute for fraternity and sorority members. Since its inception in 1990, UIFI has challenged nearly 3,000 fraternity and sorority students representing almost 250 different universities and colleges, and 115 different Greek affiliations to make a difference in the Greek communities.

UIFI is a principle-centered approach to creating change within a Greek community. Lessons learned at UIFI will be beneficial for a lifetime.

UIFI helps participants identify the timeless principles through which they can define themselves individually and organizationally.

UIFI then helps participants recognize how they can act out these principles by honing important life skills in areas such as leadership, group dynamics, service, and organizational change and development.

UIFI also generates a momentum toward positive change in local Greek communities by creating a strong connection among all participants where people feel responsible to each other and to the greater good called "fraternity." Commitment helps UIFI graduates translate their enlightenment into action.

UIFI is an institute, not a conference. As an institute, it offers a unified curriculum to all participants. Each educational component builds on a previous segment and leads into the next. All sessions offer hands-on experiential activities and ample discussion time to address individual concerns. Major sessions are complemented by small group meetings (called chapters) held throughout the session. Chapter meetings are designed to assist each UIFI participant in developing his or her desired leadership skills and goals, gaining new ideas, and creating concrete action plans for his/her return to campus.

At UIFI you will:

  • Experience team-building at its best with your fellow UIFI chapter members.
  • Learn the value of a Greek environment that promotes academic achievement, ritual-based decision making, and a balanced college experience.
  • Be challenged to explore your potential as a leader.
  • Tap your power to motivate and encourage others.
  • Experience the excitement of "Into the Streets," a hands-on service plunge in the local community.
  • Identify what's important to you.
  • Be able to recognize signs of group think that interfere with building community.
  • Better understand the urgency for change and your responsibility to facilitate it.
  • Exchange ideas with other participants and facilitators.
  • Receive a resource kit designed to help you involve others in activities similar to those at UIFI.
  • Leave encouraged, energized, and confident to face the challenges ahead of you.
  • Identify resources which and professionals who will help you achieve your goals and objectives upon returning to campus.
  • Translate Awareness Into Action

Living and Learning together the intimate living atmosphere, personal attention from quality facilitators, educational sessions which are interactive by design, and constant idea sharing among participants are just a few of the reasons why UIFI has been such a special experience for so many students.

Each session will offer 50 - 60 Greek leaders and 15 fraternity and sorority professionals from throughout the United States and Canada a live-in institute experience. A chapter house will become "home" for our time together. Large group programs are complemented by regular small group meetings in "chapters" of 10 - 12 students. From late night conversations to the one-on-one personal discussions, you're making new friends and supporters for life.

Sessions and chapter meetings are led by professionals committed to helping you achieve your desired outcomes. These professionals are staff and volunteers of fraternities and sororities and campus fraternity/sorority professionals. UIFI is interactive, fun, challenging, inspiring, encouraging, and beneficial.

Robert Rosenberg UIFI Scholarships to enable Triangle brothers to attend UIFI, Triangle Education Foundation is proud to sponsor full scholarships to the 2018 program via a Chapter's CEF. These scholarships pay for conference registration. Scholarship recipients are responsible for their travel to/from the UIFI site.

If you are interested in going to UIFI and want to attend on a scholarship paid for by the Triangle Education Foundation, you must complete this online application by April 15, 2021. Once all of the applications have been reviewed, all applicants will be notified as to whether they were awarded a scholarship or not. All remaining procedures and requirements will then be discussed with the final scholarship recipients.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Scott Bova, CFRE, Foundation President at or 317-705-9803.


Previous Triangle Attendees:

Lanny Anaya
Brook Beardsley
Michael DeLeone
Troy Dupont
Carey Gorski
Kevin Hurley
Jim Moran
Ghanshyam Patel
E-Fann Saung
Paul Uhn
Chris Yim

Adam Case
Sam Cooper
Jason Ellis
Adam Follrod
Brandon Grote
Eric Meyer
Jesse Riha
Matt Schmees
Dave Slack
Matt Wallbrown
Dave Wright
Darryl Young

Colorado State
Ryan Avery
Reid Hobler
Derek Lacock
Brian Lally
Michael Thompson
Jason Van Ort

Robert Bierman
Thomas Korder
Patrick Lindley

Iowa State
Matt Baird
Brant Bristow
Josh Brown
Jesse Bulman
Bryce Campell
Jason Carroll
Ryan Clemens
Cory Dawkins
Nathan Dolezal
Pat Glennon
Nathan Grotelueschen___
Timothy Herrick
Lance Juffer
Ben Kubczak
Dax Kuhfuss
Chris Moe
Colby Moorberg
Matt Ostanik
Olaf Peterson
Jdia Plum
Brian Rayski
Kyle Robertson
Jonathan Sevald
Brian Vanecek
Sysouk Vongphasouk
Chad Whitman

Eric Devins
Ryan Newman
Gregg Potts

Douglas Clark

Kansas State
Matthew Ownby

Ahmed Awadallah
Rob Catlett
Matt Chanda
Drew Cox
Jeremy Coyle
Josh Edlin
Chris Finger
Andy Goss
Jeremy Gray
Mark Hamilton
Josh Hillman
Mark Jones
Richard Jones
Scott Lange
Michael Murphy
Josh Nickel
Ryan Peterson
Charles Pulley
Eric Seibt
Marc Smith
Ray Smith
Aaron Stonebrook
Alan Ward
Kevin Wild
Chris Wiles
Jason Zoeller

Gabe Brackman
Jeremy Brackman
Julius Carter
Patrick Dolan
Brian Keller
Mike Meyer
Jason Moulden
Ryan Murphy
Benjamin Nave
Travis Nickels
Wesley Pedersen
Nick Sayotovich
Ronald Tiongco
Scott Town
Jason Wilcox

Michigan State
Brandon Davis
Jaben Kitson
Charnel Massoude
Alex Rucker

Michigan Tech
Dan Amerman
Nick Anton
Chad Girard
Eric Kirchner

David Fleischhacker
Dave Gavle
Jason Myers
Mark Snyder
Yuching Wong

Missouri Mines
Christopher McGauley___
Patrick Smythe

Anthony Fehr
Joshua Henderson
Matthew Kappes
Frank Opal
Dillon Sadofsky
Jordan Sena
Michael Waid

Northern Illinois
Jim Dorynek
Mike Hudec

Ohio State
Joseph Cerrato
Justin Vincent

J. Mark Garner

Penn State
Pat Cozzi
Ben Jones
Josh Keir
Daniel Miller
Andy Moyer

Bruce Diges
Andrew Downs
Kevin Hehman
Daniel Mazzei
Michael Parrotta

Dan Shultz
Brian Scott

Dan Wiltberger

Rose Tech
Stanislays Blaszczyk
Corey Blevins
Justin Jent
Mike Novotney
Jacob Phillips
Ian Steenhagen

South Dakota Mines
Seth Ritter

Texas A&M
Aaron Bryant
Tim Pease
Doug Wensrich

Jeremy Avery
Scot Burbacher
Jeremy Forsythe
Bruce Hubble
Mike VanAlstine

Chris Denton

Maziyar Amini
Dan Asheghian
Erik Olsen
Harsha Rao

Dan Guido
Tim Haagensen
Elliot Roman
Richard Spaeth

Andrew Severance

Facilitators / Interns:

Dan Amerman___

Andy Goss
Ariel Tarrosky

Mike Fouts___

Paul Lawson
Scott Bova

Merle Newlon

Adam Case

If you attended UIFI and your name is missing from the above list, please
let us know! Email Scott Bova at with your information.

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