The Herbert F. Scobie Leadership School

The Herbert F. Scobie Leadership School is the centerpiece of Triangle's educational programs. The Foundation provides funding to support the program by underwriting the cost of the weekend event.

The Scobie Leadership School attention is on Triangle’s younger members. The programming is geared towards those just entering the chapter and college and providing them a introductory course on leadership. The plan is these young men will begin to build upon what the learned at Scobie and refine their skills through their chapter and campus experiences. Just as the Presidents’ Academy is held in a secluded wooded environment, Scobie uses a wooded retreat center equipped with a high ropes course.

What Past Attendees Have Said

"In my opinion Scobie is a very important program. Participants are challenged to determine what makes a leader great, and how they themselves might improve their leadership abilities. The program was immersive and intense, and every member walked away with many good ideas for their chapters.

Our chapter in particular, is in need of programs such as this. We are facing declining numbers, a very tight budget, and freshly initiated president. We need leadership in our chapter, and the programs provided by the Education Foundation offer invaluable support."
-- Jeremy Zink niu03

"As a participant to this year's Scobie Leadership School, my eyes have been opened to many different aspects of being a good leader. One of the most interesting things I have learned is how leadership involves collaborative relationships and not just one leader with many good qualities. The opportunity to spend time with Triangles from across the nation has also been very valuable."
-- Russell Mailen kan04

"The Scobie Leadership School has been a great experience helping me to open my eyes to what I can achieve. It has also inspired me to take a more active role in trying to improve the Illinois chapter as best I can. I will definitely recommend it to future brothers.
-- Mike O'Malley ill04

"This weekend has been an incredible learning experience for both myself and the other Fraternity brothers from around the country. I have engaged in many meaningful, insightful discussions that will undoubtedly aid me as a leader in the Tri-State chapter and in many situations and leadership positions in the years to come. I have found many new ideas that I am eager to take back to my chapter and utilize to better it. These include ideas in such areas as chapter leadership, personal responsibility, rush and recruitment, and upholding the Ritual. Once again, thank you."

-- Kyle Whitenack tsu03

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