Educational & Leadership Programs

At our leadership events and through on-site training, professionally trained staff use various methods to tailor our programs to meet the needs of our students. For example, through the Triangle development experience, a member might:

  • Overcome his fear of public speaking at Scobie Leadership School by participating in large group discussions where he will develop confidence in standing up in front of a group of people or learn to argue a point in a small group setting with less eyes focused on him
  • Get scientifically sound methods for improving his GPA through the Gargani Academic U Program
  • Help his chapter plan community service projects and learn how to market their events on campus through the Garatoni Building Better Men Program
  • Receive recognition for achieving chapter academic achievement through the Kahlert Academic Excellence Awards
  • Be mentored through the New Member Development Program on how to acclimate to campus life, be encouraged to participate in campus activities, or learn how to have a voice at the Interfraternity and/or Greek Council meetings.

The Foundation provides support for the educational activities of Triangle in two primary areas, leadership development and financial aide. Each year the Foundation awards over $300,000 in support each year. The Foundation is confident this comprehensive support of our chapters and members will lead to well rounded leaders and community minded citizens in the fields of engineering, architecture and science. Additional Foundation specific programs are outlined below:

Steven L. Miller Presidents' Academy

Attacking leadership at the top, the Steven L. Miller Presidents’ Academy provides a non-threatening workshop atmosphere at the beginning of the undergraduate president’s term of office. The intense weekend retreat offers all the new chapter presidents an opportunity to exchange ideas, build an action plan for their chapter, and learn some of the basics when it comes to leading a diverse group of people. They return to their chapter with skills and abilities that will hopefully trickle down to their fellow chapter members, in addition, they have the benefit of fellow chapter presidents across the country to network with.

John Wakerly Leadership Advantage Conference

Fraternities are learning laboratories. Leadership Advantage is a perfect example of a multifaceted educational program. Design to orient incoming freshman engineering students to the university, faculty and campus life it also provide an opportunity to expose these same students to Triangle. In addition, it provides a case study environment for undergraduate members to develop, design, plan and implement a large-scale educational program. The program has proven to strengthen the fraternal bond, fostered positive relationships with the engineering faculty and administration, and developed the undergraduates’ ability to attack a problem and produce tangible results in a group dynamic

On-Site Member Development Program

The On-Site Member Development Program has made a tremendous impact on the individuals, chapters and national organization of Triangle Fraternity. Through this proactive educational program, Triangle’s professionally trained staff is taking the Fraternity to the next level – organizational excellence built on individual member excellence.

Member Education Forum

The membership education workshop is designed for those individuals responsible for leading the day-to-day education and member development for their organizations.

Rosenberg UIFI Scholarship Program

Each year the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) sponsors a five-day leadership institute for fraternity and sorority members. Since its inception in 1990, UIFI has challenged nearly 3,000 fraternity and sorority students representing almost 250 different universities and colleges, and 115 different Greek affiliations to make a difference in the Greek communities. Triangle Education Foundation offers five scholarships a year to undergraduate members who are accepted to the program and need assistance with paying tuition.

UIFI Scholarship Application

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