Garatoni Building Better Men program

Building Better Men Mission
In order to truly live the mission “In order to have a better world, we must first have a world of better men”, Triangle Fraternity and The Educational Foundation with the generous support of Judy and Larry Garatoni pur58 believe that individual chapters will be most successful if they fulfill the Judy & Larry Garatoni Building Better Men Chapter Endowment Program which will support the values and principles upon which Triangle was founded.

To ensure that Triangle’s active organizations complement the mission of the National Organization, develop leadership and character in its members, provide service to the community, foster lifelong friendships, and provide a safe and healthy experience, a set of standards have been developed. The fundamental purpose of the Building Better Men Program is to encourage active organizations to return to their founding values, which are crucial to the rich development of fraternity men.

Application & Evaluation Process
The Building Better Men Program is comprised of five (5) different standards:
1. Scholarship
Shown through a commitment to academic success through high academic standards and consistent improvement.
2. Leadership
Shown through a high involvement in both on and off campus organizations.
3. Diligence
Shown through a commitment to marketing the strengths of Triangle to ensure chapter growth and retention.
4. Citizenship
Shown through a commitment to philanthropy and service to the National Organization or campus/community in an effort to alleviate critical issues in society.
5. Character
Exhibited by the behavior of active and new members through the education and support around current issues and trends facing fraternity members and college students.

Each standard will be given points which add up to a total of 90 points. Points are awarded based on the information provided in each standard.

Should an active organization select to participate in the Building Better Men Program the following guidelines shall apply:

1. The Building Better Men Program is open to any recognized Triangle chapter and colony that is in good standing with their campus and the National Fraternity. Should a chapter or colony be suspended, all funds received as a result of this program will revert back the Foundation for redistribution.
2. The Building Better Men Program requires a three (3) year commitment. Active organizations will be expected to fill out application materials each year for the three years of the program. Failure to complete application materials during any year will disqualify the chapter from the program and will forfeit any funds awarded in previous years.
3. There will be a maximum of two awards made each year for a grand total of $125,000.00. The first place winner will be awarded $100,000.00 and second place will receive $25,000. The funds will be deposited into a Chapter Endowment Fund established for the active organization. These funds can be used per the CEF agreement and the Foundation’s spending policy for yearly educational and leadership expenses, which can be found here: Should no applicants qualify, available funds will roll-over to the following year.
4. A chapter may only be awarded a total of $125,000.00 over the course of the three years. Meaning if a chapter is awarded first place in one year, while their application may be the best the second or third year they can only win a maximum of $25,000.00 more.
5. The application period will begin on July 1, 2015 and will close on June 1, 2016. Announcement of the award winners will be made each year at the Triangle Fraternity National Meeting (Scobie Leadership School or National Convention).
6. Applications must be completed fully with as much detail as possible. All information will be self-supplied on an honor system. Truth and integrity is a value Triangle holds deeply. Should it be found that a chapter was not honest and forthright in its application they will forfeit all funds awarded and be disqualified for any remaining years of the program.
7. Program applications will be submitted through an online platform called Open Water. To register and create a profile for your chapter visit: Chapters should create one master log-in that will be used for chapter submissions.
8. A selection committee will be convened to judge the submissions.

Membership of the committee shall be:
a. Triangle Education Foundation Chairman, Alex P. Ver ar65
b. Mr. Larry Garatoni pur58
c. Triangle Education Foundation Undergraduate Director, Christian Huehns marq12
d. Emerging Leaders Council Representative, Joe Cerrato os05
e. Director of Leadership Programs, Ariel Tarosky
f. Triangle Education Foundation President, Scott Bova
g. Alumni Board Officer

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