Gargani Academic U program

Thanks to the financial support and personal commitment of Melissa & John Gargani, the Academic U program has been established in an effort to further develop the men of Triangle Fraternity by improving its members’ overall academic performance.
Academic U will serve as one of four tracks at the Regional Leadership Conferences, in which chapter scholarship chairs and committee members will be encouraged to attend.

The track will be made up of 4 educational blocks covering:
1. It All Starts With Recruitment
Your active organization’s academic success all starts with the people you are recruiting. This session will help participants identify a set of academic standards, and key conversation points to use during recruitment to ensure that you not only bid men that value academic success but that you are able to showcase Triangle’s emphasis on scholarship as a competitive advantage.
2. Going Beyond Study Tables
We have active chapters struggling with their GPA, yet what are their solutions? Study tables, library hours, all-nighters, grade report forms? We pride ourselves on our academic pursuits, yet our emphasis on academic excellence can be less than stellar. If we want to become known as our Greek communities and campuses best academic organizations, we need scholarship programs that attract our members interest while catering to their unique needs as individual learners, i.e. the different needs of our ASTEM students. Designing the perfect scholarship program requires time, flexibility, and a hint of creativity. This session will help participants to cultivate a culture of healthy scholarship that engages the entire active organization.
3. The OYS Moment- Own Your Scholarship
The first step is creating a scholarship program that places a strong emphasis on academic excellence. Yet, no matter the workshops, recognition, or standards that you have in place there will still be members that don’t make academics a priority. But just like holding members accountable to paying dues, and following the rules, they too must meet you academic requirements. This session will not only help members create a scholarship improvement plan that holds member’s accountable but also puts the right pieces in place that will support them and recognize their accomplishments.
4. Scholarship A La Carte
Is your scholarship program or scholarship workshops usually about resume writing or career planning and made mandatory for the entire chapter? That may be great for your sophomores and juniors, but what about your freshmen and seniors? Stop offering lazy programs and start offering your members programs that will help them in their personal and professional development. This workshop will focus on the needs of each class: freshman through senior and how you can create unique and beneficial programs that will help your brothers be successful in their current place in life.

Participants of Academic U will leave with the resources and tools to create a scholarship program and scholarship improvement plan within one semester of attending. Additionally, chapters that send representatives should see a 0.25 increase in the chapter GPA within three semesters of attendance.

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