UIFI in Action: A letter from Matthew Gargani

Wed Aug 01 2012

Dear Brian,

The UIFI experience was very different from what I was expecting, and in a good way! My session focused on helping us realize the problems that face Greek Life all across the country and pushing us to see the troubles in our specific chapters that we had come to take as the norm.

From what I heard, the Pitt Chapter of Triangle is better off than most Greek organizations across the country, but we still have our small problems. Thanks to UIFI I have the courage and conviction to help my chapter live up to the Ritual and be better men.

UIFI stressed helping our Brothers to become the leaders they need to be - they did not want us to get a Savior complex and go try to fix everything alone.

From what I learned, and from the headway I have already made to improving Pitt Triangle, I cannot think of a better way to allocate $450 than through the UIFI Scholorship.


Matthew Gargani

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