Triangle Education Foundation Welcomes New 2014 Board Members

Mon Oct 21 2013

The Triangle Education Foundation is pleased to announce the election of three new Board Members.At its recent meeting in Irvine, California, John Gargani pitt82, Dr. Gerald Jakubowski tol74 and Kenneth Condon minn11 were elected to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Al Ver ar65, Chairman of the Board stated, “We are thrilled to add John Gargani and Jake Jakubowski as board members to our dynamic and diverse board of directors!The Foundation is lucky to have men who are leaders in their fields, shape the direction of the Triangle Education Foundation.We are also excited to continue having a collegiate member Triangle Fraternity serve on the board.Ken Condon’s experience and passion for the Foundation’s work made him a natural choice to serve in this role.The entire Board is looking forward to working with these gentlemen at our upcoming meeting in Detroit this November.”

John Gargani joins the board with over 25 years in the oil and gas industry.Gargani currently serves at the Vice President and General Manager, Strategy, Performance and Innovation at Southwestern Energy, where he has been on staff since 1993.John and his wife, Melissa, are both University of Pittsburgh graduates and have four children.John and Melissa’s second oldest son, Matthew, is also a member of Triangle Fraternity at University of Pittsburgh.The Gargani’s currently reside in Houston and visit Pittsburgh often.

Dr. Gerald Jakubowski joins the board as the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at California State University, Maritime campus, a position he has held since 2009.A member of the University of Toledo chapter of Triangle Fraternity, Jakubowski earned his bachelors, masters and PhD at Toledo.Jake and his wife, Lynn, are active supporters of the Fraternity and can be found attending or hosting events to raise awareness and money for the Foundation.The Jakubowski’s currently reside in Napa Valley.

Ken Condon joins the board having recently served as the president of the University of Minnesota Triangle chapter.Ken was instrumental in completing housing renovations on time and within budget and raising the overall chapter GPA from a 2.74 to a 3.18.Condon recently completed an internship with Space-X and will complete his electrical engineering degree in 2014.

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