Tips For Doing School From Home

Thu Mar 19 2020

School from home- WHOO HOO!!

Or not.

It's tough to stay on track when your normal school routine has been turned upside down and now you're doing classes at home. The Foundation is mostly remote employees, so we're pretty good at getting things done from home! Here are our best tips for making your school at home successful:

  • Find a dedicated place to set up your books and computer. Working on the couch while watching Netflix sounds awesome until the second day of doing it and you can't focus or concentrate. Having a dedicated space to do school work helps you get in the mindset to get your assignments done.
  • Stick to your same school schedule. If you have class Tuesday and Thursday at 9am, keep those same hours. If you need help from a professor, they're more likely to get back to you ASAP during those class hours. If you always eat lunch at 1pm, eat lunch at 1pm. Keeping on a schedule will help make sure you're getting all your assignments done on time!
  • Get ready every day. Staying in your jammies sounds like a great idea, but it makes it hard to get in the mindset of class. Nothing fancy, just get dressed!
  • Get outside for a little bit every day. You're used to walking across campus, keep walking every day to get your steps in and some fresh air.
  • Stay connected with your brothers! Zoom is offering a free 60 subscription and there's no better way to hold a chapter meeting then using Zoom! Start a group text! Get together to play your favorite on-line game! Ask questions about a class project!

We're here to help make sure you can stay on track with school and your chapter activities! If you have questions or need more resources, reach out to Amy at the Foundation at or call her at 317-203-7759.

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