Jim Fay is70 Delivers Keynote at LTW

Tue Jan 15 2013

In January at the Leadership Training Weekend in Indianapolis, IN, Jim Fay is70 roused a packed audience with his high-energy presentation on team building. He compared Triangle chapters to crew members sailing a boat and demonstrated the need to work through problem-solving together with a challenge that got everyone out of their seats. Divided into groups, the task was to figure out how to create the smallest area on the floor while always staying connected to each other in some way. The challenge proved difficult as the room immediately began strategizing and testing different and sometimes very unique ways to accomplish the goal.

Working for many top companies in America, Jim is an expert in problem-solving. He solves all sorts of them, difficult problems, common problems, and one could say even the dirtiest problems there are. He is a chemical engineer and was the Iowa State Triangle Chapter president in 1971. He has worked for Monsanto, Proctor & Gamble, American Can and Kimberly-Clark. While at Kimberly-Clark, he invented Huggies disposable diapers and Pull-Ups disposable training pants.

After making both Huggies and Pull-ups market successes, he started Delta Research, a company that does consulting on product development, marketing research, problem-solving and innovation. He is a founder of the company that made the Diaper Genie – the #1 non-disposable baby product in the US – and sold that company in 1999 for $122.4 million. He was the president of ByteSize Systems, a failed company that developed software to read and study e-books. And, he was recently the founder and president of DEUS Rescue, a company that makes technical rescue and assault equipment, and trains firefighters, SWAT teams and Special Forces. He has over 50 patents and continues to invent new products and then start companies to market those products. He also has consulting clients around the world. Jim lives in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado, with his wife, Julie. They have a daughter in Missoula, Montana, and another in Ft. Collins, Colorado. They are all avid runners, bikers, kayakers and climbers.

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