Chapter Endowment Funds- helping our members succeed on their campuses!

Mon Dec 02 2013

A Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF) is a restricted fund to support the educational activities of a specific chapter. It provides an annual grant to the chapter that can be used for scholarships, educational programs, leadership development initiatives, and for improvements to educational space in the chapter house.

A CEF created by tax-deductible contributions from alumni and friends of Triangle who designate their gifts to a specific chapter. Once contributions to a CEF reach $25,000 or more an annual grant of up to 5% of the fund’s value can be made to support qualified initiatives. A Chapter Endowment Fund allows your chapter to have its own chapter foundation without the cost, administrative requirements, and restrictions on single chapter foundations.Benefits of a CEF include:

·Donations are tax-deductible for the donor.

·All gift processing is handled by the Foundation staff.

·The funds are professionally managed.

·Funds are tracked separately but are pooled for investment purposes.

·All tax returns are filed by the Foundation.

·The funds are audited annually by a Certified Public Accountant

The following chapters have established a Chapter Endowment Fund:

Armour Colorado State Michigan Oklahoma Purdue

Pittsburgh Marquette Ohio State Cincinnati Rose

Penn State MSOE South Dakota Mines

For information on how to contribute to your chapter’s CEF or how to start a CEF for your chapter, please contact Foundation Vice President, Aaron Girson at or call (317)203-4510.

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