Al Ver Captivates at Scobie Leadership School

Sun Jul 15 2012

Al Ver ar65 of Ford Motor Company gave his inspirational presentation, A Personal Journey Towards Leadership to the participants of the Herbert Scobie Leadership School on July 15, 2012. As young Triangles look to create success in their careers and lives, the stories of his experiences and advice underscored what they had learned over an intense, high-energy weekend of leadership training.

The presentation is a life-long work developed from the rich experiences and lessons he has learned over an impressive career where he served as the vice president and CEO and COO, Automotive Components Holdings (ACH). Prior to this, he served as vice president for Ford's Advanced Manufacturing Engineering organization. He joined Ford in 1972 as a manufacturing process engineer at the Mt. Clemens (Mich.) Paint Plant. He has held a number of engineering and manufacturing positions within Ford and its component operations during his career.

In his presentation, Al shared his successes and failures that have developed him into a man who has successfully led hundreds of people throughout his career. As he began to speak, he stressed to the young men in the audience that he recommends that they each experience failure at some point because it is in that failure that some of the best lessons are learned.

Al went on to explain that through his personal journey towards leadership, beginning with his days at Triangle and throughout his career at Ford, he developed a vision of leadership that is centered on the empowerment of all the people involved in each endeavor. He shared that the art of leadership is not about making you more powerful, but making the people around you more powerful and helping them to do things they thought were impossible.

Triangle undergrads were captivated as Al presented his specific tools and practices in becoming a successful leader. By sharing leadership basics, responsibilities of leadership and proven leadership styles, he empowered each of them with the knowledge and techniques to be strong leaders. He ended the Scobie Leadership School with the notion that presently at their chapters and throughout their careers in the future, there is nothing but opportunity to do better.

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