The President's Welcome

Dear Triangle Brothers & Friends,

I am often asked why support the Triangle Education Foundation? Simply put the Foundation shapes the futures of young men and changes their lives.

That might sound trite, but our young people are in need of a values based learning experience.Triangle answers that call and provides a living, learning laboratory that allows young men to become experience leaders. Triangle, combined with the educational and leadership programs the Foundation funds, provides young people a values based learning experience unique to any other experience on a college campus.

As much as we would like to think the student newspaper or the physics club on campus can provide the same types of experiences as Triangle, the fact is they do not.You can’t escape the daily lessons you learn from living with a group of men, working together for a common goal and united under a shared vision.

Each year the Foundation supports programs that:

  • Shape an individual's personal development.
  • Teaches values and ethics based decision making and leadership.
  • Builds a strong understanding of teamwork and leadership.
  • Fosters a philosophy of Servant Leadership, community service and philanthropy.
  • Encourages and supports strong academic success.

Each day at chapters across the country Triangle is developing men to be our society’s next generation of leaders. Our future political officials, corporate executives and community activists will be these young men.

How are we successful achieving this ambitious goal you may ask.There is no silver bullet, but with combined efforts of highly trained professional staff, exceptional volunteers, passionate alumni and, of course, generous investors we are able to provide a meaningful and life changing experience for our young men.

As always, thank you to all our investors who give of their time, talent and treasure to make Triangle a life changing experience.I am proud of the work we do each day developing young men to excel as leaders with character and integrity.


Scott E. Bova, CFRE

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